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Air Bag Defect Leads to 400,000 More Recalls


Takata Air Bag Defect

Takata Air Bag Defect

Nearly four hundred thousand Ford Rangers were recalled on Tuesday due to a continued defect with Takata air bags.  The defect causes the airbags to explode, showering victims with metal and plastic shrapnel.  This explosion obviously causes serious injury to the victims and sometimes death.  The personal injury attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers have previously discussed the Takata air bag recall and the millions of other vehicles that have been affected.


In addition to many serious injuries, the death of a South Carolina man in December that sparked the Ford Ranger recall marked the tenth death caused by the Takata air bag defect.  These deaths span many different types of vehicles, with nearly 19 million vehicles now recalled in the U.S. alone to address the defect.  However, only 27% of the vehicles recalled have completed the air bag defect repair.  That means that up to 13 million unsafe vehicles are on the roads.


This news is even more important for the residents of Louisiana and other southern states.  The air bag defect is most likely to rupture and cause injury or death in hot, humid areas.  In those areas, only 34% of the vehicles have been recalled.  That means that there are likely millions of drivers that could possibly be seriously injured or killed by this air bag defect within our region.  It is incredibly important for the owners of any vehicles on the recall list to get their vehicle to a dealer immediately for the free repair.  This recall list changes daily, so you should always check with the manufacturer of your vehicle to see if it is subject to any recalls.


However, if you or a loved one have already suffered serious injury due to a Takata air bag explosion, you will need to contact an attorney immediately to handle your case.  Without an attorney, the liable parties will almost always try to rush you into a quick settlement that is less than you deserve.  Even more important is to choose the correct attorney that will fight for your rights with both the drive and the knowledge to do so.


Fisher Injury Lawyers has two engineers on staff, including one Attorney-Engineer, Chris J. Day, who has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.  His knowledge and training in engineering give him a unique perspective on products liability cases such as this one that few lawyers possess.  If you need someone fighting for you, Chris Day and Fisher Injury Lawyers will do so effectively and tirelessly until you get the damages you are owed.  Give them a call or email today to get them working for you.

Chris Day, Personal Injury Attorney-Engineer

Chris Day, Personal Injury Attorney-Engineer










Takata Air Bag Defect

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