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Balcony Collapse in Berkeley, California Leave 6 Dead, 7 Injured

Six students, five of which were foreign exchange students from Ireland, died Tuesday after a balcony collapsed on a fourth floor apartment.  Seven other students also sustained severe and life threatening injures.  The students had gathered at the Library Gardens apartment complex at 2020 Kittredge Street to celebrate a 21st birthday party of one of their fellow students.  Authorities say that all of the students and potentially more were on the balcony around 1 a.m. when it gave way.

This is clearly a horrible tragedy where six young lives were taken far too soon.  What makes disasters like this even more unthinkable is when they could have been prevented.  While no official reports or findings have been made regarding the balcony, initial photographs from the scene show some potential problems with the design and construction of the balcony.

As can be seen from the photo above, the supports for the balcony are clearly made of wood.  While that is not a problem by itself, some other design defects could create problems when wood is used.  One major downfall of using wood in this situation is that it can rot when wet.  A mistake that many designers make is using stucco or other similar materials for the balcony that do not protect the wood from rain or other water that may gather on the balcony.  Untreated wood used for framing is susceptible to rotting that greatly weakens the wood.  A close look at the photos of the balcony shows that the wood appears to be rotting, which could have greatly contributed to the failure.

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