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Gogo, Inc. Inflight Wireless Provider Sued By Customers

NEW YORK –Customers are suing leading provider in global aero-communications services, Gogo, Inc. after much dissatisfaction with Wi-Fi services. The lawsuit, filed in the Federal District Court in New York City, claims that Gogo misrepresented the availability, reliability, and coverage of its services. The lawsuit seeks certification as a national class action suit.

The plaintiffs include business and leisure travelers who purchased Gogo Wi-Fi on Delta, Alaska, United, American Air Canada, Virgin America and Japan Air airlines in recent years. In most cases, the purchased services “were not available at 10,000 feet altitude” and “were subject to frequent interruptions and delays significantly diminishing the use and value of the purchased services”.   The Plaintiffs seek refunds of the fees paid for Gogo’s services.

“Gogo makes specific promises to purchasers of its services, including that they will each enjoy useful Wi-Fi service above 10,000 feet of altitude” said Bryan Fisher, lead attorney in the Gogo lawsuit. “That promise is almost never kept.” Fisher explained that the problem likely stems from buffer bloat, failure to limit per flight access to Wi-Fi to a manageable number of users, and systemic shortcomings in Gogo equipment.

Fisher, a senior partner with Fisher Injury Lawyers based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; New York City; and Arlington, Texas, recently received national attention representing a former University of Southern California football star in a first of its kind lawsuit against the University of Southern California. He has substantial experience in complex, high value litigation.

Gogo Inc. has partnerships with 11 major commercial airlines and is now installed on nearly 2,400 commercial aircrafts. It is currently defending legal claims that it tricked consumers into automatic recurring payments and illegally monopolized the inflight Wi-Fi market.

Charles Salameno, et al v. Gogo Inc. et al; Case No. 1:16-cv-00487; US District Court E.D. NY