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Four Women Killed as Drunk Driver Hits Their Limousine

A group of women touring New York’s wine country were involved in a horrific accident when a drunk driver slammed his pickup truck into the side of their limousine while they were attempting to make a u-turn. Tragically, four of the women were killed and four remain in the hospital along with the limo driver and the driver of the truck.

The driver of the truck, Steven Romeo, 55, of Southold, New York, was arraigned at Eastern Long Island Hospital on charged of driving while intoxicated. He plead not guilty and his bond was set at $1 million. The crash occurred shortly after 5 p.m. along a popular stretch of Long Island’s North Folk, which includes several wineries and the group had just left Vineyard 48 when the accident occurred. According to Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley, the limo was trying to make a U-turn when it was struck by the truck. The pickup driver did attempt to hit his brakes before broadsiding the limo, and he also ran from the scene before he was arrested nearby.

Heartbreaking accidents like this one are the exact reason that drunk driving laws in this country to be reviewed and revised. The attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers have consistently fought for the rights of victims of drunk driving and have worked for more strict and severe drunk driving laws. In 2015, with a plethora of transportation options at everyone’s disposal, there is simply no excuse for driving drunk at any time. Doing so should be met with the harshest penalties available, including criminal and civil claims.

The attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers have extensive experience handling both drunk driving accidents and large-scale accidents such as this one. In New York, and most states, a drunk driver will be subject to not only criminal charges and normal civil damages, but also punitive damages meant to punish the negligent driver. Pursuing such a claim requires an attorney with the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and fight for you in tough times. With attorneys in three states, Fisher Injury Lawyers has exactly that. Give them a call or email today if you or a family member has been a victim of a drunk driving accident.

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