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Hammond, LA – Car and Semi-Truck Collide along I-12

Hammond, LA (June 20, 2019) – A Hammond news source confirmed that a car crashed into the trailer of an 18-wheeler semi-truck along Interstate 12 on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

Based on the report, the small car collided with the commercial 18-wheeler and slid beneath the larger vehicle’s trailer near the exits at Hammond/Ponchatoula and Pumpkin Center/Baptist. When emergency crews arrived at the site, they discovered the tractor trailer had slid onto the car during the impact.

Authorities confirmed the victims did sustain injuries in the crash, but did not disclose the severity.

This collision is one of two accidents to take place along I-12 on the 20th. No details about the second collision have been released at this time.

Our thoughts go with the victims of both traffic accidents.

Car and Semi-Truck Collision in Hammond

Hammond, LA – Car and Semi-Truck Collide along I-12Car accidents can occur without warning and completely turn victims’ lives upside down. Incidences of this nature can be terrifying, and many people lose their lives as a result of negligence or impaired driving along roadways in Louisiana. In 2017, 760 traffic fatalities took place in the State of Louisiana, with 488 of these deaths involving passengers. In 212 cases that same year, alcohol was a factor behind the crashes.

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