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Injured in an Uber Accident. Can I Sue Uber After an Accident?

Yes but let’s talk about how to actually build and win your Uber accident case.  Uber has a complex relationship with its drivers.  An Uber accident case might be litigated differently by whether it involves passengers, pedestrians, use of the App, or distraction by the App.

There are some standard steps a person can do after any car accident to preserve your rights after an accident, whether litigating against an individual driver or a major company like Uber.

Make an Accident Report and Get the Accident Report

A police accident report is the first important first piece of evidence in any car accident case.  It will help get you insurance benefits to pay for medical treatment. It will be used in depositions to question the negligent driver. It will help you prove who was at fault. It will sometimes be crucial to proving that the accident actually happened in low speed impact cases.

The report may have witness names and phone numbers. It will say where the cars were damaged and will suggest who was at fault just by explaining how the vehicles came into contact. If the negligent driver was drunk, it will say that too.

If the police came to the scene, you should be able to call the precinct covering the place where the collision happened to get a copy of the report.

Get Medical Treatment

The best thing you can do after getting into a car accident is to get checked out by a doctor.

Some people soldier on with pain, discomfort, and disability rather than get medical care. That’s one of the worst mistakes you can make for your health and your potential case.

Doctors have a word for injuries that are not apparent. That word is “latent.” Latent injuries are not less serious injuries, they’re just not immediately apparent. Examples might include: traumatic brain injury, back and neck injuries (especially to tendons, ligaments, and discs).

When in doubt, check it out. Especially since you can get coverage for medical costs and lost wages.

Insurance to Pay For Medical Treatment

In New York, all auto accident injuries are covered by no fault insurance. A relatively simple application to the right auto insurance company can get you up to $50,000 of coverage for medical costs, out of pocket expenses, and partial lost wages.

There is a 30 day deadline to send your no fault application, so don’t wait. Get the police report, get the application sent in, and get medical treatment.

Call a Lawyer for Help

If you haven’t already, read about how to be an informed consumer when you hire a personal injury lawyer.