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Manhattan Construction Accident Attorney Discusses Construction Site Death

New York construction site safety is governed by important safety laws called the New York Labor Law.  A Manhattan construction accident attorney can show how each negligence case involves broken safety rules on the job site.   Sometimes construction site negligence is so severe, the contractors are charged with crimes.

In April, 2015, at 9-19 Ninth Avenue, New York City, construction workers  are in an unfortified trench, about 7 feet deep.  Many warnings of unsafe construction work go unheeded. Moments after the last warning, the thirteen foot trench caves in.  A construction worker is killed. The New York County District Attorney’s Office charges two construction managers with letting one of their employees die on the job. The dead construction worker was 22-year-old Carlos Moncayo, from Ecuador.
City Officials are quoted saying that the large contractors chose to cut corners and evade the law.

Manhattan Construction Accident Attorney: Statistics Show Manhattan Construction Accidents Lead the City


Last year, construction accidents caused 8 deaths in New York City.  231 construction accidents happened in 2014.  This year, 72 accidents have been recorded so far.  2015 is looking to be one of the most deadly years in New York City construction.  Four months into 2015, and already seven people have died.  
Construction Site Accidents 2015
Manhattan has the most construction accidents in the City of New York.  That is probably because New York City construction spending increased 26 percent in 2014.  The spending is skewed towards luxury housing, which is most likely to be in Manhattan.  More Manhattan construction will likely lead to more Manhattan construction accidents. 
Manhattan Leads in Construction Accidents


Manhattan Construction Accident Attorney Statistics: the Most Dangerous Places on the Job Site

Most Common NYC Construction Accidents
New York City statistics show that falls account for 41.67 % of injuries and accidents on the job site.  Material failure is the second leading cause of construction accidents.  Material failure and falls account for 23.61% of New York City construction accidents.  Excavation and soil work accounts for a relatively small portion of New York City construction accidents even though their effects can be devastating.  New York City’s building code and the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations require that trenches deeper than 5 feet require reinforcement to prevent cave-ins.
Important New York laws protect workers at height and protect workers who could be crushed or injured by falling material or objects.  New York City personal injury attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers enforce New York’s safety laws for injured people and their families.