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Bronx Accident Attorney Attends NYC Workers Rights Event in Bronx School

On August 20, 2015, at the St. Simon School Gym, Bronx accident attorney Clifford Tucker attended a forum panel on NYC workers rights.
State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and Assemblyman Victor Pichardo moderated the panel. Senator Rivera introduced the panel. 86th District Leader Yudelka Tapia also attended.
Panelists from the Federal government, New York State and City governments and nonprofit sectors spoke. Major issues included job safety, employer responsibility, and fair treatment on the job. Undocumented immigrants who were mistreated at work, and now are filing a lawsuit, also spoke about mistreatment at work. 

NYC Workers Rights: Forum Panelists

Laundry Workers Center/Liberato Workers

New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE)

NYS Department of Labor

NYS Attorney General’s Office

Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs

National Labor Relations Board – New York Office

NYC Workers Rights: the Immigration Myth 

Each panelist, including elected officials and government officials, said clearly: immigration status has NOTHING to do with a workers freedom to demand rights, pay, and safety.
The law that protects workers’ rights also prevents abuses. If a robber takes someone’s money, no one asks “was the victim undocumented?” Because we know that the law is designed to prevent robbery not just protect people. Similarly, when someone is hurt at work, we do not ask “well, was the worker documented?”  The question is only whether the job site was safe for any worker. 

NYC Workers Rights: Day Laborers  

New York construction safety was a principal concern.  Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the state of New York. Strong New York laws protect injured construction workers after an accident but abuses on the job keep open dangerous job sites to long.
NYC Workers Rights
In fact, towards the end of the forum, a job site inside JFK High School in the Bronx exploded, badly hurting three workers.  One worker was burned on over 90% of his body.
A panelist from the group New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) offered his stories from work as a day laborer.  Day laborers on job sites routinely work under hazardous conditions on New York construction sites.
Contractors have immense power over day laborers on site. Contractors pick up day laborers on street corners. Contractors drive day laborers sometimes many miles from home. If the day laborer complains, the contractor may retaliate by not driving the day laborer home or demanding that he work without basic tools, or refusing to pay the worker. 

NYC Workers Rights: Resources

New York City does not enforce immigration law against workers.  New York State also does not enforce immigration law against workers.  NYC workers can anonymously report unsafe work conditions and contractors by calling 3-1-1 in New York City.  The New York Legal Aid Society offers free legal help so that NYC workers rights remain strong even for people who cannot afford a lawyer.  Note: a New York personal injury attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers offer free consultations.
Injured workers and their families are entitled to file a lawsuit against any company or person who hurts them, regardless of immigration status.  A conversation with a New York personal injury attorney is free and confidential.  In other words, a potential client can discuss immigration status with a personal injury attorney without worrying about deportation.