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Roadside Safety

A 20-year-old Baton Rouge woman died early Sunday after she was struck on Interstate 10 after stopping to repair her vehicle, Louisiana State Police said.  The incident reminds us of the importance of roadside safety.

Brittany Morgan, 20, was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 east of Highland Road when she began having mechanical issues.  Apparently, she pulled her vehicle into the median.  At the same time, 23-year-old Jarvea Baptiste, of LaPlace, was traveling on I-10 eastbound in a 2010 Toyota Camry. State Police said Morgan walked onto the interstate “for unknown reasons”.  She was struck by Baptiste’s  Camry.

Raodside safety is one of our pet causes at Fisher Injury Lawyers.  This very tragic incident illustrates the need for education on the topic.  Roadsides or road shoulders are very dangerous locations.  This is particularly true on interstate highways with high speed traffic.  Interstate drivers do not expect to encounter pedestrians.  In fact, Louisiana law does not recognize a pedestrian right to cross an interstate highway aside from emergency situations.  A few tips on roadside safety:

  1. Never park on a roadside or shoulder unless you have no safer option.
  2. The roadside of an interstate on ramp is far safer than the interstate roadside.
  3. Always call 911 if you must stop on an interstate or interstate roadside.
  4. Stay clear of lanes of travel.
  5. Stay clear of the front and rear of a stopped car.
  6. Find the safest location to await help.

The I-10 incident remains under investigation.  It is impossible to say what caused or contributed to this tragic event.  It may be the case that Ms. Morgan was acting safely and responsibly at all times.  Her sad loss is a reminder of the risks of pedestrian interaction with interstate traffic.  Always be safe.

Bryan Fisher Top Injury Lawyer

Bryan Fisher Top Injury Lawyer