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Second pedestrian hit by a vehicle in four days.

Another pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on Florida Boulevard Tuesday afternoon. s

Mike Chustz, spokesman for East Baton Rouge EMS, said the crash happened near the intersection of Florida Boulevard and North Eugene Street around 2:15 p.m. The man was hospitalized.

This is the second pedestrian struck by a vehicle in that area in four days. John Payne, 51, was killed when he was hit by a marked Baton Rouge Police Department vehicle on Saturday night just a block away from the Tuesday crash, police have said.

Baton Rouge police Cpl. Jenny Bourgeois was driving the unit.   She was placed on paid administrative leave. Police continue to investigate that crash.

Please remember that pedestrians can legally cross any Louisiana roadway (aside from an interstate highway) at any point in the roadway.  Motorists must be aware of this law and on the lookout for pedestrians.  Please drive with courtesy and respect for all who share our roadways.