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UPDATE: Acadia Parish Wreck from May 2014

In a blog post from May of 2014, Fisher Injury Lawyers stated that a fifth person, Joshua Lejuene, had died in a car accident in Acadia Parish due in part to his not wearing a seat belt.  (Fifth Person Dies from Louisiana Car Wreck).  It has been brought to our attention by family members that the information regarding Joshua’s seat belt use was inaccurate.  Statements from the first responders revealed that they removed Joshua’s seat belt in an effort to save his life and a significant portion of his injuries were actually caused by the seat belt.

Clearly, the information previously provided by this firm was incorrect in light of these facts.  We apologize to Mr. Lejuene’s family for the inaccurate statements and have retracted them from the original blog post.  We use our blog in an attempt to highlight issues that affect the safety of these people we represent, such as seat belts.  While seat belts can save lives, they are clearly not a cure all that can prevent every injury, as was the case in this horrific and unfortunate situation.  The only way to completely prevent injury and death in vehicles is for all drivers to operate their vehicles safely and cautiously at all times to prevent the wrecks from occurring in the first place.