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Winter Storms Causing Travel Delays

Back to back extreme winter storms are causing travel delays across the US.  Thousands of flights have been canceled and more are certain to follow as the storm advances across the country.  Major air travel hubs including JFK, O'Hare, LaGuardia, Midway have slowed flight operations to a crawl leaving countless stranded travelers in airports and nearby hotels.  Unfortunately, most travelers must cover the costs associated with the travel delays themselves as major airline policy does not offer support when travel delays or cancelations are weather related.  Those caught in the middle of this travel nightmare should stay informed regarding rescheduled and canceled flights and remain ready to travel on short notice.  Delays are expected to continue even after the storm passes to allow for repositioning of equipment and crews.  Current and accurate flight and airport information can be found at http://www.flightaware.com

The severe winter weather is also causing the cancelation of school and a variety of public services across the country.  Record low temperatures are being set across the mid west and into the deep south.  Severe weather warnings have been issued for large sections of the country and officials are advising all to stay indoors during the coldest hours.  Special precautions should be taken to protect pets and vegetation from the extreme conditions.  Visit http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/protect_pets_winter.html for information on keeping your pets safe in winter conditions.






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