SOME OF OUR RESULTS: Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $2,000,000.00 * Failure of University to Properly Advise Student Athlete - $200,000.00 * 18 Wheeler Wreck $2,000,000.00 * Slip and Fall at Restaurant - $15,000,000.00 * Delay and Punitive Damages for Construction Contractor - $15,199,000.00 * Accident Causing Inner Ear and Back Injury $1,355,000.00 * Industrial Fall $1,100,000.00 * Rear End Collision - $1,490,000.00 * SUV Rollover - $3,400,000.00 * Industrial Crane Accident - $1,250,000.00 * Drunk Driver Car Collision - $2,100,000.00 * Two Car Accident - $1,400,000.00 * Struck by Car - $565,000.00 * Trip and Fall - $85,000.00 * Failure to Supervise Blood Donation $75,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance Policy - $450,000.00 * Providing Wrong (Dangerous) Fuel to Customer - $1,100,000.00 * Surgeon Failure to Obtain Informed Consent from Patient - $100,000.00 * Nursing Home Failure to Maintain Oral Hygiene - $67,000.00 * Hospital Failure to Prevent Patient Suicide - $275,000.000 * Failure to Install Hospital Bed Alarms Causing Patient Fall - $219,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $800,000.00 * Car Wreck Causing Non-Surgical Back Injury - $275,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Muscle and Ligament Injury $160,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Soft Tissue back Injury $100,000.00 * Child on Bike Struck by Car * $25,000.00 (to date)

Hit & Run Accidents


Hit and run accidents are those where a driver causes damage to persons or property and speeds away without identifying themselves. These types of accidents can result in serious injuries, especially if you were struck while walking or riding on a bicycle or motorcycle.

Whether the harm is done deliberately or accidentally, victims have a right to be compensated for the damages they have endured. Apart from any criminal charges, civil law grants victims the right to be paid for losses such as medical bill, lost wages and expenses arising from physical illness or disability. When the liable party cannot be identified, this process can become more difficult.

Bryan Fisher and the legal team at Fisher Injury Lawyers represent people who need to be compensated for their losses.  We are in the business of solving your legal problems and recovering money for you.  If a witness saw a license number or there is any way to track down the hit and run driver, we will pursue it. More often, we must pursue other sources of compensation.

Many of our clients have uninsured motorist, medical payments or personal injury protection on their own insurance policy and don’t even know it. They have purchased this insurance to provide compensation in circumstances where the person who caused the accident and injury does not have any insurance or whose insurance is insufficient to provide complete compensation for their loss. Lacking alternatives, we may seek compensation through your insurance policy. However, it may require some persistence, and in some hit and run accident cases, litigation may prove inevitable.

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience and have enjoyed great success in recovering compensation for car accident victims.

Call Fisher Injury Lawyers at 225-766-1234 or email us. We offer free confidential initial consultations with an experienced lawyer.  We are here to help.

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