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At FISHER INJURY LAWYERS, our business and commercial litigation practice is geared towards providing our business and individual clients with access to the court system. We provide a wide variety of business and commercial litigation services in Louisiana, Texas and in some situations, across the country. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle complex business litigation having undergraduate degrees in Finance/Economics and Engineering and having attended graduate school in Business Administration.

We believe that business success depends on the ability to form effective partnerships – and that is central to our approach to commercial litigation. We understand that our business clients may find themselves in different circumstances. For some, traditional hourly fee billing makes the most sense, but other businesses and individuals may not have the available resources to make that hourly billing arrangement feasible. That is why we work with our clients to craft fee arrangements that work for them and for us. These fee structures for our business and commercial litigation services vary from hourly billing to fully contingent representation, with blended arrangements in between.

In the right case, a contingent-fee arrangement can be a model of efficiency. The arrangement can align the interests of the client and attorney and effectively makes them business partners in the litigation. Both have the incentive to keep expenses as low as possible, resolve the matter quickly, and recover as much as possible. Call us anytime at 225-766-1234. We offer a free initial consultation, over 20 years of experience and a proven record of success.

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