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Bryan Fisher is regarded by many as the preeminent expert in NCAA and NFL disability insurance coverage and claims.  He has been consulted by student and professional athletes, agents, administrators and reporters for representation and opinions on athlete disability insurance.  He has helped numerous athletes secure payment under disability policies after their claims were wrongfully denied.  His roster of disability clients includes former NCAA standouts who passed on the opportunity to play in the NFL in order to return to college to help their teams and schools win championships. These athlete clients include Morgan Breslin, Marcus Lattimore, Ciron Black, Stefan Wisnewiski, Antonio Gibson, Silas Redd Jr., Nyeem Wartman, and Kris Frost to name a few.   In many cases, their selfless decision was rewarded with a disabling injury preventing a professional career or limiting the potential of that career.   Fortunately, since October 1990, a disability insurance program has been in place for exceptional student-athletes at National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) institutions in football and men’s basketball. In April 1991, the program was expanded to include exceptional student-athletes in the sport of baseball. In June 1993, exceptional student-athletes in men’s ice hockey became eligible for the program. Coverage became available for exceptional student-athletes in the sport of women’s basketball in August 1998.  However, these insurance policies rarely pay out as expected.  More often than not, the disability insurance company must be compelled to pay by an experienced and skilled disability lawyer.  Bryan Fisher is perhaps the most capable, well known and successful lawyer in this field.

Beyond NCAA exceptional athlete policies, Bryan Fisher, has represented clients in claims on a variety of athlete and non-athlete high value disability insurance policies. These policies include NFL Total Disability and Loss of Value policies, disability policies issued to NCAA student athletes outside of the exceptional athlete program, and long and short term disability policies covering high level business executives and professionals as physicians and lawyers.  Fisher Injury Lawyers also represent NFL athletes in select Line of Duty, Total and Permanent disability claims as well as Bell/Rozelle NFL Retirement Plan claims.  Bryan Fisher has a proven record of success and is particularly informed on the applicability of punitive damages laws that may allow for recovery far above the stated policy limits.  Bryan Fisher is the first name in NCAA, NFL and high value Professional Disability Claims having represented clients from coast to coast in this specialized area of the law.  It is never to early to secure representation in a disability claim as many times the actions taken immediately after an injury will affect your ability to recover under the policy.  The time to call Bryan Fisher is the day that you experience what may be a disabling injury.  He is always available to take your call.  225-938-1566.

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