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Teen Riding Bicycle Killed in Hit and Run


Thirteen year old Richard Snyder passed away early Sunday morning from injuries he sustained when a pickup truck struck him as he rode his bicycle Friday evening.  He was riding in the area of the 7-Eleven store at 2701 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. in Belton, TX.  The driver of the truck left the scene and later turned himself in to police.

The driver was later identified as Ronal Norwood, age 61.   Police charged him with leaving the scene of an accident causing death.  He is in the Bell County Jail with his bond set at $500,000.00.  Police impounded the red 2007 Chevy 1500 he was driving at the time of the accident.  Police say there is no evidence that alcohol was a factor.

Belton ISD Superintendent Susan Kincannon said Monday she was saddened to learn Snyder had died.  Sunday was his 13th birthday.

“His family, his friends and all who knew him have been in my thoughts and prayers,” Kincannon said Monday. “This is a terrible tragedy, and it has affected not just South Belton Middle School, but families and staff members all across our district as well as the police officers who protect and serve our families.”

Bicycle wrecks are something that are almost always avoidable with the proper precautions by both driver and bicycle rider.  The attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers have represented many cyclists who were injured due to the inattentiveness of drivers.  They have petitioned for the rights of bicycle riders in Louisiana to enact the three-foot safe passage rule in Louisiana.  Fisher Injury Lawyers continues to advocate for bicycle safety and encourages more significant safety laws for cyclists.  See our previous posts on bicycle wrecks.

However, Texas falls behind many states in bicycle safety laws.  Texas does not have any laws establishing a clear rule for safe passing of bicycles, though many cities in Texas have introduced their own similar rules.  It is time for Texas lawmakers to catch up with the rest of the country and enact a rule establishing a safe distance for overtaking cyclists.  While a rule of law does not completely prevent collisions such as this one, it can increase awareness of bicycle safety for everyone sharing the road.

As always, please feel free to contact Fisher Injury Lawyers if you or anyone you know is the victim of a hit and run or otherwise injured while riding a bicycle.

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Source: KWTX

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