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Client Testimonials


Great Job!

Posted by Butch, a truck accident client

I was in a truck wreck and at first did not think I was badly hurt or needed a lawyer. Later things got worse and I was referred to Bryan Fisher by a good friend. He and his firm did a great job with my case and really got back the financial security that my family lost. Bryan has continued to help me after my case to get social security disability benefits--at no charge--and he has worked just as hard. Bryan is a great attorney. I now consider him a good family friend too.



Posted by Catherine, a Car Accident client

This is my first time really having to deal with a personal injury lawyer and the whole experience, even though it was due to a car accident, turned out to be great.


A God send

Posted by a Wrongful Death client

We found Bryan on the internet looking for answers to questions we had about my sisters death. His web site showed that he had lots of experience and success. We really weren’t looking to sue but Bryan was interested and willing to investigate our case at no cost to us-very important as I live on a fixed income. My sister lived with me for many years and was knocked over by a bathroom door at Pizza Hut in Minden La. Sadly she passed due to complications from her injuries. We thought it just an accident as she was elderly. But Bryan and his team looked into the matter and found that the automatic closer on the door was not working right causing the door to close quickly and heavily on my sister. He got a top expert from Texas A&M on the case and proved that Pizza Hut caused my sisters fall and death. Needless to say we are beyond satisfied with his representation and our recovery. He was always there to answer our questions and kept us up to date on the case. He even found a way to speed up the case due to my age! Thank God for Bryan Fisher.


Inspiration for future endeavors

Posted by Janice, a Car Accident client

When meeting with Bryan for the first time, it was as if I had known him for years. His conversation was inviting and trustworthy. His current goals have inspired me to join ship to make his goals some of my goals. I feel that Bryan is a person of passion for his beliefs that will benefit me and others in the coming future.


Very good lawyer, very dedicated!

Posted by Floria, a Car Accident client

I was very blessed. He was very accurate and patient with me. I thank God that he came into my life this way. I love the way he talked to me on the phone. He was never in a hurry and right to the point.


We are so lucky to have had Bryan Fisher as our attorney to handle our suits in the death of our daughter.

Posted by Jeannie, a Wrongful Death client

When our daughter died while in the care of Crossroads hospital we needed an experienced attorney to help us. We needed to help insure that the mistakes that were made at Crossroads would be corrected in the hopes that no other family would be hurt by their patient care. Bryan accomplished that for us. The money that he work so hard and so long was more than we expected. Our case was a complicated matter with her being a minor and also involving the state department of children services. One of the most important things to know about Bryan Fisher and his staff was that they really cared about us and were always available whenever we needed them. For them its not just a job and what money they can make for themselves but the commitment to their clients needs . They make a difference. Throughout the years that our case took we were informed of the many aspects of cases. Bryan was wonderful in explanations of the complicated legal proceedings so that we could understand. He always consulted with us as things progressed so that we well informed and able to make decisions as needed. I truly believe he cared for us and the pain we go through without our daughter. These words just can’t express our appreciation for all the hard work that Bryan and his staff did for us. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Bryan handle their legal issues can be assured that they are receiving the BEST representation they could possible hope for. I will continue to sing his praises and be forever grateful for the day we meet such a wonderful man!


Thanks for helping us!

Posted by The Boudreaux’s, a Slip and Fall client

My husband took a fall while entering his financial planners office and suffered a rather significant injury. He was 94 at the time he fell but in very good health and quite capable of walking without assistance. We were referred to Bryan through LSU without any thought that we may have a legal claim against the building owner. Bryan and his staff where very happy to help us with the case and, remarkably, secured a sizable settlement for us. The entire team at Fisher Injury Lawyers is very knowledgeable, experienced and exceedingly pleasant. I recommend them without hesitation.


Great Job

Posted by Eugene & Dora, a Personal Injury client

Bryan represented me when I was injured in a very serious truck accident. I was laid up for a long time and had surgery. He stayed on top of my case, kept me and my wife informed the whole time and got us the money that we deserved. We have stayed in touch with him over the years and will come back if we ever need a lawyer again.


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