>  A God send

A God send

We found Bryan on the internet looking for answers to questions we had about my sisters death. His web site showed that he had lots of experience and success. We really weren’t looking to sue but Bryan was interested and willing to investigate our case at no cost to us-very important as I live on a fixed income. My sister lived with me for many years and was knocked over by a bathroom door at Pizza Hut in Minden La. Sadly she passed due to complications from her injuries. We thought it just an accident as she was elderly. But Bryan and his team looked into the matter and found that the automatic closer on the door was not working right causing the door to close quickly and heavily on my sister. He got a top expert from Texas A&M on the case and proved that Pizza Hut caused my sisters fall and death. Needless to say we are beyond satisfied with his representation and our recovery. He was always there to answer our questions and kept us up to date on the case. He even found a way to speed up the case due to my age! Thank God for Bryan Fisher.

a Wrongful Death client