>  $3.4 Million Rollover Resolution

$3.4 Million Rollover Resolution

Today we are going to talk about the results we had in an SUV rollover case some time ago.  It’s listed on the website as one of our examples as a $3.4 million settlement.  The fact is it was much more than that.  That is the amount attributed to the people over 18 in that wreck.  It was a family, a father and children, and of course the children’s settlements, even their amounts, are subject to confidentiality agreement.  This was part of the Ford rollover cases, of Ford Caravan as I recall, and the Firestone tire cases.  So this is a case that was handled through a multi-district class action.  It’s something, that if you haven’t done it before, you won’t have success doing it and if you’ve done it, you will have success.  We took this one through the administrative process, the result was $3.4 million on behalf of the adults, significantly more on behalf of the families.