>  How Much Will My Case Be Worth?

How Much Will My Case Be Worth?

So the value of a case is probably the most difficult part of this business. It requires that you have a lot of experience, that you’ve done this for a long time and that you’ve handled a lot of cases. It requires that you’ve gone to court and tried cases. It requires that you do the legal research in order to look at what other courts have awarded other juries and other judges have awarded for similar injuries. But it also requires a lot of other subtle things. You have to hire the right experts to help evaluate a loss and a perfect example of that and one that many lawyers do not do is retaining the services of a certified life care plan and what a certified life care planner does is in the case of a serious injury evaluates your injury and the effect of that injury on your life not just today, not just tomorrow, not just next year but for the entire remainder of your life throughout your entire life expectancy and then qualifies the future medical costs, the future lost wages, the need for additional future support services maybe something as simple as a house keeper maybe something like skilled care within the home, the need to have reserves in case there is new developing experimental medical treatment that might help someone that’s been seriously injured in an accident. So the value of a case is something that the lawyer looks at based upon his experience and his research and knowing your case intimately knowing it as well as you know what you lived through determines. A good lawyer is going to tell you what the value range of a case is. When I meet with my clients we actually do a mathematical distribution what’s known as a normal distribution of potential outcomes and we tell them what the possibilities are that the outcome of this case will be in a particular range say within a million dollars and a million and a half dollars and we allow them to make a decision based upon those proportionate weights and those respected values and decide for themselves if and when an offer is made within that range whether it’s a good deal.