>  Insurance Says I Don’t Need An Attorney. Should I Listen?

Insurance Says I Don’t Need An Attorney. Should I Listen?

The insurance company is certainly not on your side and sadly in most cases your insurance company is not even on your side. The business of insurance is built this way they take in as many premium dollars as they can each year and they pay out as few of those premium dollars in claims as they can and that’s how they make money and if you’ve read the news anywhere in the last 10 years you see that insurance companies make an enormous amount of money. So obviously they’re very successful in bringing in a lot of premiums and paying out very little on claims and that applies to your insurance company and it applies to the insurance company of people who may be responsible for your accident and injuries. So when an insurance company offers you advice, you have to consider the source. The insurance company is not on your side and you should not be in the business of taking advice from anyone who’s interest are adverse to yours and certainly an insurance company in a situation of an accident and an injury has interests that are adverse to yours. So our recommendation is give us a call, 225-766-1234.  Call us up, talk to us, let us know what’s going on and we’ll give you some advice and won’t charge you.