>  Who Can Be Liable For A Major Injury?

Who Can Be Liable For A Major Injury?

The general rule is that the person who caused or contributed to the cause of the accident, the wreck, the fall, whatever it may be that caused the injury can be held liable. In addition, and that’s direct liability, in addition any insurance company that proves coverage for that person in their acts or omissions that resulted in the accident or wreck or whatever the case may be that caused the injury can also be held liable furthermore. Employers of the individual that caused the accident and injury may in some circumstances be held liable as well. There’s a host of other possibilities, really almost endless possibilities as to who may potentially be held liable in whole or in part for an accident and injury. If you have a complex case you definitely need to have the services of  an experienced injury attorney who can look at all the possibilities to determine who out there and what out there might be held liable for you injuries, your harms, losses and damages.