SOME OF OUR RESULTS: Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $2,000,000.00 * Failure of University to Properly Advise Student Athlete - $200,000.00 * 18 Wheeler Wreck $2,000,000.00 * Slip and Fall at Restaurant - $15,000,000.00 * Delay and Punitive Damages for Construction Contractor - $15,199,000.00 * Accident Causing Inner Ear and Back Injury $1,355,000.00 * Industrial Fall $1,100,000.00 * Rear End Collision - $1,490,000.00 * SUV Rollover - $3,400,000.00 * Industrial Crane Accident - $1,250,000.00 * Drunk Driver Car Collision - $2,100,000.00 * Two Car Accident - $1,400,000.00 * Struck by Car - $565,000.00 * Trip and Fall - $85,000.00 * Failure to Supervise Blood Donation $75,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance Policy - $450,000.00 * Providing Wrong (Dangerous) Fuel to Customer - $1,100,000.00 * Surgeon Failure to Obtain Informed Consent from Patient - $100,000.00 * Nursing Home Failure to Maintain Oral Hygiene - $67,000.00 * Hospital Failure to Prevent Patient Suicide - $275,000.000 * Failure to Install Hospital Bed Alarms Causing Patient Fall - $219,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $800,000.00 * Car Wreck Causing Non-Surgical Back Injury - $275,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Muscle and Ligament Injury $160,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Soft Tissue back Injury $100,000.00 * Child on Bike Struck by Car * $25,000.00 (to date)

Do’s & Don’ts


If you ever suffer an injury due to the negligence of others, there are certain basic things that you should and should not do immediately following the accident. By following the list of “Do’s and Don’ts” we have provided here you will have the best chance of protecting your right to receive fair compensation for your injuries.
DO’s: What to Do if You Suffer a Personal Injury

  1. If appropriate, call the police or the proper authorities to investigate.
  2. If you are in pain, report your condition to any authorities involved and request an ambulance.
  3. Identify witnesses to the accident, including names, addresses and phone numbers if possible.
  4. If possible, photograph or record video of the entire accident scene.
  5. When the ambulance arrives, give the EMTs a full report of your symptoms and cooperate with their treatment plan.
  6. Call a family member or friend to the accident scene to assist you and to bear witness to what is happening.
  7. Never attempt to drive if you are dazed, injured or on strong medications.
  8. Report the accident to your insurance company.
  9. Get damage estimates on any of your property that was damaged in an accident.
  10. Try to get the responsible party’s insurer to pay for your medical bills, but do not sign any releases.
  11. Never sign any type of releases unless your attorney advises you to do so.

DON’Ts: What Not to Do if You Suffer a Personal Injury

  1. Don’t let anyone talk you out of calling the police or the proper authorities.
  2. Don’t sign any types of releases – or any checks that contain printed release language.
  3. Don’t give recorded statements to insurance adjusters.
  4. Don’t settle your case unless your symptoms are completely gone and you have consulted with an attorney.
  5. Don’t discuss your case with anyone who does not need to know this information.
  6. Don’t do, say or sign anything just because someone says that you have to do it – discuss it with your attorney first!

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