SOME OF OUR RESULTS: Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $2,000,000.00 * Failure of University to Properly Advise Student Athlete - $200,000.00 * 18 Wheeler Wreck $2,000,000.00 * Slip and Fall at Restaurant - $15,000,000.00 * Delay and Punitive Damages for Construction Contractor - $15,199,000.00 * Accident Causing Inner Ear and Back Injury $1,355,000.00 * Industrial Fall $1,100,000.00 * Rear End Collision - $1,490,000.00 * SUV Rollover - $3,400,000.00 * Industrial Crane Accident - $1,250,000.00 * Drunk Driver Car Collision - $2,100,000.00 * Two Car Accident - $1,400,000.00 * Struck by Car - $565,000.00 * Trip and Fall - $85,000.00 * Failure to Supervise Blood Donation $75,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance Policy - $450,000.00 * Providing Wrong (Dangerous) Fuel to Customer - $1,100,000.00 * Surgeon Failure to Obtain Informed Consent from Patient - $100,000.00 * Nursing Home Failure to Maintain Oral Hygiene - $67,000.00 * Hospital Failure to Prevent Patient Suicide - $275,000.000 * Failure to Install Hospital Bed Alarms Causing Patient Fall - $219,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $800,000.00 * Car Wreck Causing Non-Surgical Back Injury - $275,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Muscle and Ligament Injury $160,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Soft Tissue back Injury $100,000.00 * Child on Bike Struck by Car * $25,000.00 (to date)

How To Hire The Right Lawyer


Hiring the right attorney for you and your case is extremely important. The fact is that if you make the wrong choice, you may not only suffer the disappointment of losing your case or settling for too little money – you could also suffer financial problems for years if you are unable to support your family due to your injuries.

At Fisher Injury Lawyers, we offer you a proven team of attorneys with an impressive record of winning fair compensation for our clients. However, we are providing you with the following information to help ensure that you always choose the best lawyer to meet your specific needs.

Following are some questions you should ask any attorney you are considering for a personal injury case. We’ve also provided the answers that pertain specifically to Bryan Fisher, the lead trial attorney for Fisher Injury Lawyers.


Q: How long have you been practicing law?
A: 22 years.

Q: How many cases have you completed?
A: More than one thousand.

Q: What percentage of cases have you won?
A: I have won more than 98% of my cases.

Q: Have you won any judgements or settlements over a $1 million dollars?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you won any judgements or settlements over $10 million dollars?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you won any judgements or settlements over $15 million dollars?
A: Yes, I have twice secured judgements or settlements of $15 million dollars or more.

Q: Will you handle my case personally?
A: Yes and you will receive help from our entire legal team including lawyers, para-legals, legal and medical assistants and our in-house engineer.

Q: Where are you licensed to practice?
A: All Louisiana state courts; all Texas state courts; every federal court in the U.S.  Other states allow me to practice on a case by case basis so that I can represent my clients anywhere in the United States.

Q: Where do your clients come from?
A: Mostly from Louisiana and Texas, however I have represented clients everywhere from the state of Washington to Connecticut, and from Louisiana to Canada.

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