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Fisher Injury Lawyers win big for our clients!  Our success rate of winning more than 98% of our cases means that we have produced some phenomenal results for our clients. The following are just a few of wins for our clients:

$15.2 Million
Breach of construction contract, punitive damages associated with a gas leak.
$15 Million
Slip and fall in restaurant resulting in severe back injury and loss of ability to practice medicine.
$3.4 Million
SUV rollover causing multiple serious injuries.
$3 Million
18 wheeler wreck with back injury-no surgery.
$3 Million
Car Wreck with back injury.
$2.8 Million
18-wheeler wreck resulting in back injury and inability to work as a carpenter.
$2.2 Million
Car Wreck with medical complications.
$2.1 Million
Drunk driver car wreck.
$2 Million
Car wreck causing back injury without surgery.
$2 Million
Car hit from behind in traffic.
$2 Million
NFL Disability insurance claim.
$2 Million
Car Wreck facial lacerations with scars.
$1.98 Million
Car wreck resulting in back injury requiring surgery.
$1.8 Million
Injured college football player sues University.
$1.6 Million
Car wreck resulting in back injury requiring surgery.
$1.4 Million
Car wreck resulting in back injury requiring surgery.
$1.4 Million
Truck Wreck with back injury.
$1.3 Million
Fall in chemical plant causing injury to back.
$1.25 Million
Car wreck causing severe dizziness.
$1.2 Million
Drunk driver car wreck causing in neck injury.
Failure to pay NCAA Disability insurance benefits.
Crane failure resulting in neck and shoulder injury.
Bicyclist struck by car causing multiple injuries.
Defective tire blowout causing back injury.
NCAA Disability insurance claim.
NCAA Disability insurance claim.


We are proud of our wins and want to work for you.  We will take on your cause and fight your battle with you. We prosecute your case with relentless determination, unmatched resources and experience, and the skill, strategy and integrity earned with 25 years of unparalleled success.  Call us anytime.

*Results listed include, where applicable, legal interest. Some results may have been obtained in cases involving co-counsel. Listed results are not guarantees and may not be reflective of the outcome in any particular case. Success rates and win percentages reflect cases resulting in a judgment or verdict in favor of our client or a settlement.  Take a look at our client and peer reviews, Google search our name and read articles about us, check us out on websites that rate lawyers such as,, or

We Win For You