Why Should You Hire Fisher Injury Lawyers?

There are countless attorneys to choose from and all are eager to work for you on your case.  But not all lawyers are equally able to handle all cases.  So what makes Fisher Injury Lawyers the best choice for your case?

Proven Track Record Of Success

We have recovered over $100,000,000.00 for our clients and this does not include wins in class action lawsuits!  We have twice won jury verdicts/judgments over $15,000,000.00.  We have an extraordinary record of winning more than 98% of our cases over more than two decades.  We have helped over 1,000 satisfied clients to a fresh start after tragic accidents.  Our record is among the best in the country and reflects our commitment to our clients and their cases.  Take a look at our client and peer reviews, Google search lawyer Bryan Fisher or Fisher Injury Lawyers  and read articles about us, check us out on websites that rate lawyers such as www.avvo.com, www.lawyers.com, www.yelp.com or www.multimilliondollaradvocates.com.

Bryan Fisher Top Injury Lawyer

Equipped To Handle The Most Complex & Demanding Cases

We have skilled and experienced trial attorneys lead by renowned trial lawyer, Bryan D. Fisher.  Fisher is licensed to practice in Louisiana, New York and Texas but has represented clients from across the United States.  Fisher has handled cases in over 15 different states, Canada and Taiwan.  He is frequently associated by other attorneys to help bring big cases to a successful win.  Our team includes an attorney/engineer and an in-house expert engineer making us uniquely qualified to handle complex industrial and mechanical cases.  These types of case include plant and offshore accidents, fire and explosion accidents, falls causing serious injuries, large vehicle and mass transit accidents, boat and vessel accidents, product failure cases, or any other accident involving equipment or machinery.  Hire us to get experienced, skilled and educated trial lawyers, engineers and supporting staff.

We Only Handle Injury Cases

That is all we do and we do it very well. Bryan Fisher and the legal team at Fisher Injury Lawyers only handle personal injury cases including high value disability and class action cases.  Over 25 years, we have accumulated the resources and experience to successfully handle the biggest cases against the most well funded defendants.  We will spare no expense to advance your case and maximize its value.  We are here for you every day of the year.  Our lawyers happily give our clients their cell phone numbers for ease of communication.  We routinely help our clients with every aspect of their legal life whether case related or not.  Our attention to our clients and the details of your case is second to none.  We pride ourselves on providing you with personal attention, flexibility and a helpful, friendly staff. And just for good measure, we’ve made a list of 10 of the best reasons why you should hire us, Fisher Injury Lawyers.

Over $125 Million Recovered for OUR Clients

Proven 25 Year Record of Success

Full Team of Lawyers, Engineers, Para-Legals, Medical Assistants at Your Service

Resources to Handle The Largest, Most Complex Cases

Extensive Trial and Settlement Experience

No Fees Unless Successful

Free Initial Consultation

We Don't Get Paid Until You Do



Call Us Anytime.  We Are Always Here For You.