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Disability Injury Cases

Today I want to talk about a trio of cases that we have on our results page on the website just to sort of demonstrate the difference between amounts or values of cases for back injuries.  The three are $1.4 million for a truck wreck with a back injury – now this was not a back surgery case but a back injury case – $1.4 million for a car wreck resulting in back injury with surgery and then $1.6 million for a car wreck resulting in a back injury requiring surgery.  So the first one no surgery, second one with surgery, the third one requiring surgery but it hadn’t happened yet.  What’s the difference? Why do we see these differences?  One of the big differences is what our clients did for a living and that equates to how much lost wages they have associated with their claim.  Obviously, the higher paid you are, the more you lose when you are off of work for a period of time and you are entitled to recover every single dollar that you miss as a result of an injury.  And that is the primary difference between these numbers.  The other factor is the age of the plaintiff, or our client.