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Reserve Residents Claim Grain Elevator Making Them Sick

Residents of Reserve, Louisiana are upset about a grain elevator in the area that they say is sending dust into their neighborhoods and homes.  The residents say the dust has destroyed their property values and quality of life, causing them to have asthma, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems.  


The grain elevator in question is operated by Archer Daniels Midland, or ADM, who ships millions of tons of soybeans, corn and grains every year from their Reserve facility.  The dust in their neighborhoods has gotten so bad that the residents have created a group, Concerned Citizens of Reserve, with the goal of fighting the alleged dust pollution created by the grain elevator.  


ADM has claimed that it has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to control the dust, but the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has received 66 complaints about the facility, most of them related to dust, since September of 2011.  While DEQ has responded to the complaints, the residents say that they respond slowly, and often times the dust no longer remains by the time they arrive.  


Air quality is a serious issue that can cause many health problems, both long and short term.  Among these issues are wheezing, chest tightness, coughing, chronic respiratory disease, asthma, and many other issues.  In addition to getting the plants to stop contaminating your air, an experienced, responsible attorney can make a claim for any damages you may have sustained due to any injuries or the decreased value of your home.  If the air around your home has been contiminated by dust or any other type of irritant, call the attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers to discuss your potential claims.  The attorneys at Fisher Injury Lawyers have specific experience in cases just like this, and are ready and willing to put this experience to use to compensate you for your loss.  Call or email Chris J. Day at Fisher Injury Lawyers today.




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