SOME OF OUR RESULTS: Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $2,000,000.00 * Failure of University to Properly Advise Student Athlete - $200,000.00 * 18 Wheeler Wreck $2,000,000.00 * Slip and Fall at Restaurant - $15,000,000.00 * Delay and Punitive Damages for Construction Contractor - $15,199,000.00 * Accident Causing Inner Ear and Back Injury $1,355,000.00 * Industrial Fall $1,100,000.00 * Rear End Collision - $1,490,000.00 * SUV Rollover - $3,400,000.00 * Industrial Crane Accident - $1,250,000.00 * Drunk Driver Car Collision - $2,100,000.00 * Two Car Accident - $1,400,000.00 * Struck by Car - $565,000.00 * Trip and Fall - $85,000.00 * Failure to Supervise Blood Donation $75,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance Policy - $450,000.00 * Providing Wrong (Dangerous) Fuel to Customer - $1,100,000.00 * Surgeon Failure to Obtain Informed Consent from Patient - $100,000.00 * Nursing Home Failure to Maintain Oral Hygiene - $67,000.00 * Hospital Failure to Prevent Patient Suicide - $275,000.000 * Failure to Install Hospital Bed Alarms Causing Patient Fall - $219,000.00 * Failure to Pay Disability Insurance - $800,000.00 * Car Wreck Causing Non-Surgical Back Injury - $275,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Muscle and Ligament Injury $160,000.00 * Car Accident Causing Soft Tissue back Injury $100,000.00 * Child on Bike Struck by Car * $25,000.00 (to date)

Burn Injury


The experienced Baton Rouge, Louisiana burn injury attorneys at FISHER INJURY LAWYERS have represented clients with severe burn injuries.  Severe burn injuries can e caused by fireworks, fuel fires, natural gas explosions, workplace injuries, industrial fires or explosions, boiling liquids, electrical injuries from faulty electric wiring, electrical injuries from commercial and residential power lines, and from defective appliances, including hot-water heaters, a residential microwave, and a commercial deep-fat fryer.

Burn injuries are generally identified by class. First degree burns generally involve the epidermis or outer layer of skin, are like most sun burns and involve limited redness and minor pain. Second degree burns are usually caused by boiling water, involve the superficial dermis, blistering of the skin and pain. Third degree burns involve extreme damage to the epidermis, damage to the deep dermis, and result in scarring and may require skin grafting. Fourth degree burns involve severe damage to the hypodermis and damage to the muscle, tendon and ligament tissue. When not fatal, fourth degree burns require skin grafting.

The experienced Louisiana burn injury lawyers and staff at FISHER INJURY LAWYERS have the compassion and understanding of burn injuries necessary to help you or your family through the devastating, debilitating and disfiguring consequences of burn injuries and the scars, both emotional and physical, that these catastrophic injuries leave behind.  Call us now at 225-938-1566.  We are here to help you.

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