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Whistle blower or qui tam lawsuits are brought by a private citizen against a person or company who is believed to have violated the law in the performance of a contract with the government or in violation of a government regulation, when there is a statute which provides for a penalty for such violations. Qui tam suits are brought for “the government as well as the plaintiff.” In a qui tam action the plaintiff (the person bringing the suit) will be entitled to a percentage of the recovery of the penalty (which may include large amounts for breach of contract) as a reward for exposing the wrongdoing and recovering funds for the government. Sometimes the federal or state government will intervene and become a party to the suit in order to guarantee success and be part of any negotiations and conduct of the case. This type of action is generally based on significant violations which involve fraudulent or criminal acts, and not technical violations and/or errors.

Examples of circumstances warranting quin tam or whistle blower lawsuits are Medicare or Medicaid fraud by a health care provider, fraudulent or false damage claims for Federal Government benefits or relief such as was available after Hurricane Katrina or Mega Storm Sandy, or billing by a Federal Government contractor for work not actually performed. If you have personal knowledge of such fraud or false claims by a person or company against the Federal Government, call Bryan Fisher and the legal team at Fisher Injury Lawyers immediately. Your action may allow the government to recover money paid as a result of the fraud and you will receive a portion of the recovery as a “reward” for bring the claim. Your action may also bring a criminal to justice. Call now.


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